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What is an inquiry request and when does it require to be inquired?

When a buyer intends to obtain the best price or the most suitable condition for the purchasing its required good or service, it usually inquires from several different vendors or suppliers.

The purpose of the Inquiry is to obtain prices and conditions from a number of suppliers (Sellers) in the form of an offer and in response to an Inquiry request and finally, the buyer can choose the best offer.

Given that a significant portion of companies and organizations purchases needs price quotations, companies routinely design and implement specific processes and rules to optimize the purchase of goods and services they need. For example, it must be received offers at least from 3 sellers. In this case, the purchaser is obliged to refer to three different suppliers and receive three inquiries from suppliers at the prices and conditions they wish, which ultimately a seller with better price and condition will be selected for co-operation.

Therefore, the abarlink website enables companies to inquire the supplier’s prices and conditions about their required products and finally choose the best offer. In order to submit an inquiry request, you must first be a member of the abarlink website and register your company’s information, then go to the “My abarlink-> Inquiry->Inquiry Request” menu. (More Information)

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