Rules and Regulations

Customer or User Definition

A person who is using abarlink’s services by inserting his/her own information in the registration form is called customer or user. For example; a person has entered his/her own product and business information and in order to do this, he/she has purchased "Membership Plans”, “Incremental Packages” and “Services”.


Good and Service Definition

Users are available to insert their goods and services information, except for the “Forbidden Goods and Services”. Other users can reach this information and they are also available to correspond with the supplier and submit performa invoice and quotation request.


Electronic Communications

While you are using abarlink’s services, registering your online order, purchasing a product or emailing to abarlink website, these communications are electronically performed and if your application complies with all the principles and procedures, you agree that the abarlink will respond to your requests electronically (Through email, SMS, and other electronic services).

Also, the email address and the phone numbers that customers register on their profile, are known as their only official and approved email and phone numbers that all the correspondence and responses of abarlink go through them. In addition, abarlink has an internal automation system that some of the correspondences will go through it, you can have an access to this system after logging in to the website.

In order to inform about events, services or promotions, abarlink may send an email to website members. If users do not want to receive such emails, they can repeal abarlink’s newsletter membership from the received email.


Privacy Policy

At abarlink we are committed to protect the privacy of those who use the website’s services. This Privacy Policy applies across our website and all services that we provide, including our online services, and any other apps or services that we may provide. abarlink is committed to protecting your privacy as much as possible and in this regard, we try to develop the needed technology to make your use of the website safer and more secure. Actually, by using the abarlink website, you are consenting this policy.

All the available content through any of the abarlink services is part of the abarlink property (Such as; text, graphic, logo, icon, button, pictures, videos, downloadable and copy able items, data, and all generated content by the abarlink website), and the right to use and publish all the available and accessible content is just for abarlink website and any use without written permission, reserves the right of prosecution for the abarlink website. Users are not allowed to exploit and use product lists, technical specifications, prices and any use of the abarlink website derivatives or services and content, download or copy information for commercial purposes, any use of data Mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and extraction tools and all rights reserved to the abarlink website. If you are using any of the abarlink services, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password.

The only approved official source by us to contact you is the official website of, We will not contact you in any other way than by sending letters from official and approved addresses on the site. The abarlink website has no internet website and weblog other than and will never contact you in these ways. Users can only use the addresses and phone numbers listed in the Contact section to communicate. They can also send us their message via the "Contact abarlink" form on the "Contact Us" page.


Abarlink Services

In order to provide better services and business continuity, abarlink requires fees from customers who use the abarlink services. Therefore, abarlink offers its services in three formats: “Membership Plan”, “Service” and “Incremental Package”.


Report Abuse

All subjects, pictures, media, images and in general, all content provided by users, will be investigated by the abarlink’s inspection and revision team. However, there is this possibility that something might be found that we have not seen.

In this case, users can send us reports for a healthy environment that is free from any disruption, insult and inappropriate issues and inform us from anyproblemin the content ofthe products, services and the information of companies and businesses of the website.

It should be noted that as soon as we receive reports from users about violations of the abarlink’s policy, abarlink’s inspection and revision team will work on it and take the necessary steps. Please, for more information about the policies of forbidden goods and services on abarlink website, click here.

  • In order to report abuse about a good or service, you can use the “Report” button at the same product’s page. (More Information)
  • In order to report abuse about a company or business, you can use the “Report” button at the same product’s page. (More Information)


Submit a Dispute

abarlink has provided many control measures to prevent commercial disagreement between its users. Never the less, if there was any disagreement between you and your customer or business partner, you can submit a dispute from the support section of abarlink website. (More Information)


Online Chat

You can ask your questions about goods and services that you are viewing on abarlink website from the owner of them by using the “Chat” button and they can also answer your questions online. Also, if you send a message to a product owner while he/she is not online, the owner will see your message from the “Chat” section whenever he/she enters to abarlink website and you can check your answers at your “Chat”  section.


Forced Major

All inserted terms and regulations are applicable under normal circumstances and in case of any occurrence of the forces majority items, abarlink website has no responsibility whatsoever.


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