About abarlink


 On Sunday, 25th of November 2018, abarlink launched its activity by creating a software platform focusing on B2B trade. Irsa Etok Data Processing company is located in Iran and owns the abarlink.com domain. abarlink is a web-based (SaaS-Enable Marketplace) platform providing business software services with a supply chain priority for companies and businesses. At “abarlink.com”, companies and businesses will receive software services to expand their businesses in addition to their own internal software communication ability with abarlink platform. Subsystems such as, sales, tenders, auctions and swaps works under the operating procedures of B2B and B2C and it helps businesses in supply and sale network with information sharing. It is as a tool to reduce costs by increasing the speed, superior and inferior component’s precision and security in their own supply chain.

Forward with power

We strive to give our members new opportunities to expand their business.

It is not important that what language they speak, what currency they have, which country they live or what size their business is, abarlink members share their supply chain information in a private and public network and abarlink’s software will support them in expanding their businesses.

Now, we support 30 main categories and over 6000 product sub-categories in our information bank and we can quickly respond to new needs of abarlink members.



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