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    Whey Powder Traditional whey powder (white and colored) UF whey powder (permeate) (white and colored) Demineralized Whey powder When the required tests are done and quality is assured according to pH level, raw whey is stored in suitable primary containers and after pasteurization, homogenization, concentration, and drying, is packed in laminated paper bags. These products comply with permits issued by the Ministry of Health and Standards Organization and is packaged in a variety of pH and colors to meet consumer demands. Colored whey is mainly used in puffed cereal industries. And white whey with a pH of about 4.8 to 5.5 White whey with sour taste is used in curd and black curd paste production White whey with a sweet taste and high pH have uses in cakes and cookies, ice cream, chocolate, biscuits and desserts industries as a partial replacement for dry milk.
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