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    Tragacanth Gum

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    Product Description Tragacanth is the sap of some species of Asteragalus tree. It exudes from fissures on the stem of the plant, which created either by cutting or spontaneous burst. The milky latex dries after some days and forms the gum before collecting by hand. This white to light yellow gum is edible, odorless, tasteless, transparent, and intense hydrocolloid solid. Product Feature Emulsifier Thickener Stabilizer Textile stiffener Adhesive Binder Medical properties Product Specification / Models Ribbons Flakes Powder (upon customer's request) Application / Models Salad Dressings & Toppings Sauces & Jellies Bakery & Confectionery Flavor Syrups & Drinks Textile & Leather (stiffening silk and textile, leather tanning, .) Pharmaceuticals (suspending and emulsifying agent) Cosmetics (toothpastes, hair jells, hand lotions and creams, .) Cigar rolling & Incense making Polisher & Ceramic furnace Traditional herbal remedies (cough, diarrhea, burn, cooling, aphrodisiac,.)
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