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    Steel ring packing pal

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    Product Specifications

    • Condition : New
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 2 اینچ
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 1 اینچ
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 1.5 اینچ
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 3 اینچ
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 1/2 اینچ
    • پال رینگ استیل : سایز 5/8 اینچ


    specialized center for the production of all kinds of metal packing, including pal ring steel packing  Steel Rushing Ring, 304 Steel Pal Ring Packing, 316 Steel Pal Ring Packing, 316L Steel Pal Ring Packing, Iron Pal Ring Packing in different sizes, including 1/2 inch Steel Pal Ring, 5/8 Inch Steel Pal Ring, Palring 1 inch steel, 1.5 inch steel pal ring, 2 inch steel pal ring and 3 inch steel pal ring
    Orders will be produced as soon as possible

    Sending products from Isfahan to all parts of Iran< /span>

    phone consultation and purchase packing:
    Engineer Rezaei (Chemical Engineering Expert, Petrochemical Industries)

    Mobile phone: 09370648945
    Mobile phone: 09035953362

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