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    We are Sayna Safir agro-industrial Company, One of the leading producers and exporters of spices and herbs in Iran, in both organic and conventional forms. During 20 years ago our main business has been cultivating saffron, Rose bud/petal, and rose water. Also we are a reputable company in the international market especially in France, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. In this Regard, Qaen in Khorasan province in the east of Iran is the hub of produce the saffron in the world. In addition to our 40 hectares farm in this region to cultivate these products (saffron and Rose), we have a factory in Fars province in the south of Iran (in the Heart of 5000 hectares of non-irrigated rose gardens) that is particularly active in extracting pink rose water and first rose oil. Also some other facilities like a laboratory with 17025 standards, three building for sorting and packing the products and some certifications such as EU Organic certification and ISO 22000 etc., provide us a great compe
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