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    Refractometer of this line model PTR100

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    Refractometer (brix meter) in-line Prismatic (made in Iran) is an optoelectronic sensor that measures its concentration in Brix% unit at the same time as the solution passes through a channel (Real-Time). Also, this sensor is able to automatically control the concentration of the mentioned solution by sending control signals for common industrial devices. The most important advantage of using an in-line refractometer (brix meter) is increasing the speed of response to changes in solution concentration during the production process. One of the important shortcomings of existing in-line refractometers (brix meters) is that they require an external controller to control the concentration; So that after measuring the concentration of the solution in the process by the refractometer, according to the measured concentration, an analog output signal with a size of 4-20mA is sent to another controller such as PLC, and the controller controls the system in It sets a good mood. However, in Prismatic inline refractometer, the user can control the desired process directly without using any other controller using analog, relay and digital PID outputs.

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