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    The shape and appearance of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is longer and larger (lower ounce) than the Fandoghi pistachio and is the most widely used pistachio nuts due to the almond fruit shape and white bony shell. Characteristics of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio The tip of the green skin is pointed and the color of the skin is green which changes into light red when ripen. The dry weight of this pistachio is 22.1 g (high) and dry pistachio length is 48.2 mm (high) with a width of 62.12 mm (high). The position of the bony shell splitting is only the same on the dorsal and abdominal sides and its shape is elongated rectangular. The color of the kernel; is light green and ripening starts from the tip of the fruit. The colour of the bony shell is extremely light Characteristics of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio tree This cultivar has moderate growth power and widespread growth habit. The average tree height is 3 meters (average height) and the tree width is 4 meters (high width). Fruiting of Ahmad Aghaei pist
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