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    Jam and pickle production and packaging line equipment and machinery

    • 1,000,000,000ریال |

    • Per Machine

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    Product Specifications

    • گارانتی : 18 ماه
    • خدمات پس از فروش : 10 سال
    • کاربرد : تولید مربا و ترشی و سالاد
    • سیستم : اتوماتیک
    • طراحی : استیل


    Khorasan Packaging Tools Industrial Company
    designer and manufacturer of
    equipment and machinery for the production and packaging lines of all kinds of jams, marmalades, pickles, and sauces
    with automatic operation system
    from Zero to one hundred all machines
    with the ability to upgrade from a workshop to a factory and fully mechanized
    All machines have the official standard of Iran and European CE
    with the ability to alternately produce all kinds of jams, marmalades and pickles and Sourijat and Saladsour
    Designing machines from steel and acid-resistant alloy
    Electrical panels with PLC and monitoring system
    Variety of packaging from single, glass, cans and doll dishes and bulk production < br />Machines with warranty and after-sales service
    Providing advice, support and schematic delivery
    Telephone for telephone consultation: 4-05135413053 and 09155140073
    Selling is not the end of the deal, it is the beginning of a commitment
    br />Address to get specifications and price of the device:
    Our address on Instagram:
    Our address in Aparat:

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