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    Product Description Instant Dry Baker's Yeast, fermentaiton power identical to fresh yeast. Fresh yeast is easy to use: simply add directly into the dough mixer. In addition to fermentation power, DEZ MAYE yeast also has all advantages of dehydrated product with long shelf life, easy storage, stability and reliability. The product benefits from the latest technical evolutions of the industry. Its activity is widely superior to dry yeast to be re-hydrated. The smell is charateristic of the baker's yeast. DEZ MAYE is especially suitable for dough with little or no sugar. The raw materials used to develop the yeast are: sugar contained in molasses which are a by-product of the sugar industry, nitrogen and phosphorus. Product Feature Products are coming in different packing. Packing wieghs varies from 80gr. sacet to 500gr. vacuum packing. Product Specification / Models DEZ MAYE Application / Models Baking fermentation and fermentation process. It fortifies the flour.
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