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    Hydraulic oil filter

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    Product Specifications

    • Condition : New
    • Material : Microfiber
    • ظرفیت عبور جریان : قابل طراحی در خطوط لوله م
    • افت فشار اولیه : کمتر از یک بار
    • مواد اولیه بدنه و سر و ته : کربن استیل با پوشش گالوان
    • مواد اولیه مدیا : میکرو فایبرگلاس، الیاف مص
    • نرخ فیلتراسیون : بالای 99 درصد


    Hydraulic oil filter, which is usually called oil filter in the car, is a part of an industrial hydraulic system that has the task of cleaning the hydraulic fluid from contaminating particles so that the contaminated fluid does not damage the system. Hydraulic filters have different sizes and are named based on their filtration rate. Filters are easily replaceable.

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