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    Distillation tower packing and scrubber packing

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    Product Specifications

    • Condition : New
    • Material : Other
    • Feature : Easy Operation,Eco-Friendly
    • پال رینگ اسکرابر : پلی پروپیلن
    • پال رینگ برج تقطیر : استنلس استیل
    • سدل رینگ : پلاستیکی
    • اینتالوکس سدل : پلی پروپیلن
    • پکینگ کروی شکل : پلی پروپیلن
    • راشینگ رینگ : کربن استیل
    • نازل فانوسی : برج خنک کننده
    • نازل پاشش آب : کولینگ تاور


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    Pal ring - Rushing ring - Saddle ring and bio ball packing and filler type of pp ring , pe and pvc in different sizes and random splash packing, random packing and media splash
    Production of pal rings, rushing rings and saddle rings in sizes
    pal ring 25x25 mm
    pal ring 38x38 mm< /span>
    pal ring 50x50 mm
    pal ring 75x75 mm
    Plastic cylindrical packing is known as pal ring packing. This type of packing is an evolved rushing ring and has a higher specific surface and less pressure drop in columns and towers. Metal packing, including German anti-acid 304 and 316 pal ring steel and carbon steel pal ring, rushing ring, saddle ring (horse saddle) is produced. In cooling towers and cooling towers, Bioball plastic packing (spherical filler) can be used as a drip catcher because it has a very high specific surface and less pores, and also for scrubber towers and... from this The type of packing is used.

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