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    Ceramic saddle ring and ceramic rushing ring

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    Ceramic: It is one of the basic and essential parts in Akande towers. In these towers, liquid and gas or liquid and liquid are placed in constant contact with each other mutually or aligned, and these filling parts are used to create a large contact surface between the two phases. These parts do not participate in the reaction between the two phases and only increase the contact surface and the contact time of the two phases and cause high efficiency of the two-phase reaction. Features and applications: These types of packings are resistant to most acids. and heat, have excellent efficiency against corrosion in acidic environments, both organic and inorganic, and can be used in such environments, except for hydrofluoric acid, at different temperatures. These ceramic parts are widely used as filling tanks and tower towers, distillation and condensation units of oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical industries, gas purification, acid distillation, carbon dioxide gas production plant, sugar and sugar industries, metallurgy, etc. It is wide
    The most common forms of ceramic packing parts
    Horse saddles:
    intalox saddles, berlsaddles
    High efficiency, tendency to isolate gas and liquid parts, creating a uniform bed, less strength when Falling and tending to fail more due to pressure compared to cylindrical type and other parts    
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