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    Bunch Saffron 2022

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    Saffron Type: Bunch (Dasteh) Coloring Strength: 190 to 210 USP Weight: 125 gr Packaging: Metal sealed tins Bunch saffron is basically saffron threads that include both stigma and style. they have a beautiful Red and Yellow shade. 75% of bulk saffron is red while the other 25% is white and yellow. This Type of Saffron displays a whole thread of saffron. Its color is less than negin, pushal and sargol, but it is the most common type of saffron for trading amongst farmers. If you require Saffron for more than domestic use, since bulk packaging includes more than 125 gr saffron, you can order bunch Saffron bulk packaging on our website right away! Our goal is to produce and distribute the best quality of saffron worldwide and to keep our costumers satisfied with our products. So please make sure to leave a review or comment after your purchase of bunch saffron.
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