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    What is palm kernel coffee? Research shows that palm kernel coffee for at least 12 diseases including diabetes (normalization of blood sugar), excretion of kidney and bladder stones, elimination of kidney and bladder infections, treatment of rheumatism, joint pain, treatment of prostate, increased breast milk , Reduces hair loss, calms nerves and strengthens the immune system. In the following, we will get acquainted with other amazing properties of date coffee. This product is useful for all types of diabetes and this product naturally regulates the body's blood sugar level. Palm kernel coffee can be mixed with hot water, cold water or milk and tasted. Also, brewed date coffee has a warm nature and can be effective in improving kidney patients. In a narration of the Holy Prophet, he mentioned the date tree to (Crimea), which means that it is blessed because all its parts are used and nothing is thrown away, first wet and then dates and its juice and This amount is not enough. Farmers
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