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    Newborn resuscitation bed - with transparent walls

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    This product has transparent walls that make it easy to monitor the baby and have the ability to open and change the angle; Add to this product the presence of suction control system, oxygen control system, radiology tray, serum base and monitor tray.
    Also, its heating system comes with the ability to adjust the height, adjust the intensity of radiated heat, and control the baby's temperature. to be This baby warmer has a lighting system for newborn examination, an adjustable timer and 2 manual and automatic modes that make the work easier for doctors. In addition to the phototherapy system of this bed, the duration of light therapy can be adjusted. has In general, it can be said that using the baby resuscitation bed is the most suitable and easiest way to experience a complete and perfect monitoring of the baby, and doctors and nurses will have complete control over the baby.

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