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Is there a limit to the number incoming quotation requests?

No, there is no limit to the number of incoming requests, but when the number of “Transactions and performa invoices incoming requests” has been finished on your membership plan, you will no longer be able to respond to your requests and you need to purchase the “Package for increasing the number of incoming transaction requests or pre-invoices”. (More Information)

It should be noted that, for example; if you received 45 requests and in order to answer them you have purchased an incremental package with maximum capability of responding to 40 requests, you will be able to answer just the first 40 incoming requests, not the last 5 requests. Therefore, considering that the expiry date of a number of requests that were received earlier may be past and answering your last requests is more important to you, it is suggested to estimate your required number before purchasing an incremental package.

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