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How do I create and publish my business profile?

In order to enter the company information on the site, do the following steps:

  • In order to enter your company information on the site , select “Business Profile” option from the “My Abarlink” menu.
  • Enter the “Company Name” section.
  • Enter a text for your business short description. This text should not contain more than 160 characters. Enter the short description accurately, because it is very effective on the result of search engines.
  • In the “About Company or Business” section, you can enter up to10,000 characters.
  • There is a feature on website that users can enter their company name and its explanation in different languages; Causing your business to be seen more and better on the site. Therefore, it is suggested to enter the information related to “Company Name” and “About company or business” in different languages.   
  • You have to check the “Select language as default” option for one of the languages. So, if you have not entered the company information in a specific language, descriptions will be shown to viewers with that language (The language that you checked). It is suggested to select the business original language as the default language.
  • In the “Company Logo” section, you can select your company logo in the size of (256*256 pixels).
  • In the “Industry or Business” section, you can select three items according to your business. Selecting these items helps your customers easily find companies that provide certain services due to their needs on Therefore, in order to be seen better and more on, it is suggested to select all three items if possible.
  • In the “Supporting Languages” section, you can select languages that your company supports in order to communicate with Members. In other words, viewers can submit their requests like; performa invoices to your company, in any of these languages.
  • Enter other company’s information like; “Country”, “Province”, “Website Address”, “Total Employees”, “Time Zone”, “Establishment Date”.
  • If you want to display your company information as soon as it is stored on the site, check the “Published” option.
  • After completing the above items, if you want to continue your editing, click on “Save and Continue Edit” button, and if you want to close the form, click on “Save and Close” button.
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