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How can I send a business or company identity verification request?

There are some considered credit ratings for companies on abarlink website that you can send us a request for each one of them for your company. Please note that, if you are a free member (a member of “Starter Plan”), you cannot send us a business identity verification request. Before sending the request, you must upgrade your membership plan to “Standard” or “Professional”.

To request “Credit Rating”, do the following steps:

  • Go to the “Business Identity Verification” page and according to your needs, select one of the services from the displayed list.
  • A request for inspection will be sent to abarlink website. After checking your information by inspection companies, if results were positive, the requested “Credit Rating” will be granted to you.
  • You can see the status of your request in the “Business Verification Request” section from the “Customers” menu.
  • If your request has not been reviewed within a few days, you can submit a ticket to support experts from the “Help Requests” section.

It should be noted that, after inspecting and verifying each one of the company’s information, such as; company’s logo, legal personality, establishment date and so on, if you change any of these items on abarlink website, your “Credit Rating” will be canceled and you need to ask for a new one. Therefore, abarlink will add a red lock icon next to these items so you do not inadvertently change them. Only if you change the verified address, your credit rating will not be canceled and your address will not be verified anymore.

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