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How can I register swap goods or services?

This section of the abarlink website allows you to exchange your goods or services with other's goods or services.

  • In order to exchange your goods and services with other’s goods and services, after entering the information of the product you intent to swap, check the “Swap” option in the “Products Information” form. After selecting this option, “Swap Product” sheet will be added.
  •  Go to the “Swap Product” sheet. Click on “Add swap product” button.
  •  In the opened window, enter the information for the product you want to swap.
  •  Complete the “Product Name” and “Description” sections. You can enter the information in different languages in this section.
  • Enter the “Amount of Demand”. (It should be greater than zero)
  •  Determine the “Measurement Type” and “Measurement Unit”.
  •  Enter the “Country” and “State or Province”.
  •  Select the category of this product. Please select the latest level of categorization.
  •  If you complete all necessary information and ensure the accuracy of the information you entered, click on the "Save and Close" button.
  •  If necessary, you can enter several products for exchange.
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