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How can I register several prices for my product or services?

On you can insert a price for each available currency on the site for your product. This will allow customers to view your product prices with their intended currency. Please note that you will be able to insert several prices for your goods and services, if inserting several prices possibility would have existed in your membership plan.

  • In the product information registration form, go to the “Prices” sheet.
  • Enter your intended price.
  • Select the currency from the list.
  • By checking the “Default” option, you can select the entered price as the default. This price will be displayed at the beginning of the list with bigger and bolder font.
  • If you have entered several prices for a product, you can set their display order in “Display Order” box.  The price with the smaller number, will be displayed after the default price in the list.
  • Click on “Add” button.
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