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How can I register my goods information on abarlink?

In order to register goods on abarlink website,  you should from the "Goods and Services" menu go to the “Add a new product” and do the followings:

  • If you want your goods to be seen better and more, first you need to choose a category for them. Please, select the latest level of categorization. Please, select a non-services category. In order to find your intended category, you can use the “Search” section. After selecting the category, click on “Save and Continue Edit” button. (More Information)
  • Complete the product information form as below:
    • Enter the “Product Name” up to 100 characters.
    • Enter the “Short Description” section up to 1000 characters. Enter the short description accurately, because it is very effective as a result of search engines.
    • Enter the “Full Description” section up to 10,000 characters.
    • In order to globalize your business, there is a feature on abarlink website that you are able to enter the information of your goods in different languages. Therefore, it is suggested to enter the three sections of “Product Name”, “Short Description” and “Full Description” in all languages you want your goods be displayed to customers.
    • Check the “Select languages as default” option for one of the languages. If the information of a goods does not exist in the customer's preferred language, the good information will be displayed to the user with the language selected as the default.
    • If you want to exchange your goods with other’s goods, check the “Swap” option (More Information).
    • In order to activate advertisement for this product, check the “Enable Ads” option.
    • You can enter some tags for your goods, in the “Product Tag” section. It is better to use same tags for goods with similar features (More Information).
    • If you want your customers and users be able to see the stock keeping unit code, enter the SKU number in the product information form. It should be noted that at the next software upgrading, this code will be used to integrate the information with your organizational software.
    • Enter the “Manufacturer Section Number” in the product information form.
    • Enter the “Global Trade Item Number” (GTIN) in the product information form. (More Information)
    • Select the “Measurement Type” and “Measurement Unit” according to your good. Be careful while you are choosing these items, because all your orders and sales will be calculated based on these items.
    • All delivery terms are provided base on incoterms in the “Delivery Terms” section. Select the methods your company supports (More Information).
    • If you want to send the good for free, check the “Free Shipping” option.
    • If you check the “Separately Shipping” option in the “Product Information” form, you allow your customers to take the delivery of items separately. That is because of the good’s large size and its high price. 
    • Specify the “Country”, “Province” and the “Port” of origin. Selecting the harbor is not necessary.
    • Select your intended quantity of “Min Order”, based on your measurement type.
    • In order to insert the supply or demand capacity of a good in a period of time (such as; day, week, month or year), go to the “Supply / Demand Capacity” section in the “Product Information” form and then, select your intended quantity based on your measurement type.
    • At the “In Time” section, select the exact time that you can supply the good. This action shows your supplying ability to your customers. Be careful while you are choosing numbers, because your customers will evaluate you on the basis of the declared commitment.
    • You can see a preview of the entered information in this form, by clicking on the “Preview” button.
    • If you have completed the information of the first page, you can go to other pages and insert the needed information. Be careful not to click on the “Save and Close” button, until you complete all other page’s information.
    • You can insert your good’s images in the “Pictures” sheet. Please note that, you are able to publish your good without any pictures, but according to your access level, it is suggested to select at least 3 images for your goods.(More Information)
    • According to your membership plan, select other categories for your goods in the “Category Mapping” tab. If you need to, you can also edit or delete the determined category in the first level of introducing the good in this section. The more category you select for your good, the more it will be displayed in more categories to users  (More Information).
    • You can select your good’s features at the “Specification Attributes” sheet. This action helps your customers to get to know your goods (More Information).
    • At the “Prices” sheet, according to your membership plan, you can insert one price for your good in each currency. This will allow customers to view the price of your good with their intended currency..(More Information)
    • After completing all the necessary information about your intended good on the site and ensuring from the accuracy of the entered information, go to “Publishing Actions” sheet and check the “Published” option.
    • By selecting the “Publishing Start Date” and “Publishing End Date”, your good will be displayed to customers in the specified time period. If the publishing end date is not specified, the product will be displayed just in the specified time.
    • At the end, click on “Save and Close” button.
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