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How can I register my business or company address?

In order to register your company or business address, go to the “Business Addresses” option from the “My Abarlink-->Address” menu and do the following steps:

  • Click on “Add New” button.
  • Select your intended language. On, whenever a user is visiting the company information with a specific language, registered addresses will be displayed to the user with that exact language.
  • Select the “Address Type”.
  • You can select a default address for each language. By selecting an address as the default, that address will be displayed as the original (Main) address on the company information page of the website and other addresses will be displayed at “Other Addresses” section. Therefore, it is suggested to check the “Default” option for your business original (Main) address.
  • In the “Name” section, enter your address title, like; “Central Warehouse”.
  • Select the “Country” and “Province” of the address.
  • Enter the “City” of the address.
  • In the “Address” section, enter the other information like; Street name, Alley, Building and so on.
  • Enter the “Zip Code”, “Phone number” and “Fax Number”. Entering these information is not essential.
  • You can specify the exact location of the address, by using the provided map at the bottom of the form.
  • If you want to add some photos for this address, click on “Save and Continue Edit” button and if you don’t, click on “Save and Close” button.
  • In order to add photos, go to the “Pictures” sheet. In this sheet, you can add pictures as much as you want.
  • After completing the necessary information and ensuring the accuracy of the entered information, click on “Save and Close” button.
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