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How can I register and publish my services quickly on abarlink website?

Complete the service information form as below:

  • If you want your services to be seen more and better, first you need to choose a category for them. Select “services” category in first level. Please, select the latest level of categorization. In order to find your intended category, you can use the “Search” section.
  • Enter the “Product Name” up to 100 characters.
  • Enter the “Description” up to 1000 characters.
  • In the “product tag” section, you can enter some tags for your service. It is better to use same tags for services with similar features.
  • You can import up to 10 images for each one of your services. In order to do this, use the “Select Image” button.
  • Specify the “Country of Origin”.
  • In accordance with your intended service, select the “Measurement Type” and “Measurement Unit”. Be careful while you are choosing these items, because all your orders and sales will be calculated based on these items.
  • In the attributes section, in accordance with the selected category, specifications will be displayed.
  • At the “Prices” section, according to your membership plan, you can insert one price for your service in each currency. This will allow customers to view the price of your service with their intended currency.
  • Select the methods that your customer can use to pay for the service.
  • Click on the “Register and Publish” button. Entered information on this page will be saved.
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