Business Identity Verification

Recognition is one of the most important and effective dimensions of communication between supply chain business partners. Experience has shown that recognized companies have a greater chance of creating a supply chain and network between customers and suppliers.

Due to the request of companies and businesses, abarlink will check the originality of identity and evaluate it from various dimensions.

Business Identity Verification Request

Why should the identity of companies and businesses be confirmed?


Display confirmation for other users

By receiving the identity verification, you will be recognized from users.

Faster responses to supply and demands

When you received the identity verification, you will have faster responses from customers and suppliers.

Priority in results

The ads of a verified company or business will be set in a higher priority.


Is the business or company identity verification FREE?

No, verifying the business identity has been provided by abarlink in the form of a service and in order to send a business identity verification request, you need to buy this service from us. Also, if you are a free member (a member of “Starter Plan”), you cannot send us a business identity verification request. Before sending the request, you must upgrade your membership plan to “Standard” or “Professional”.


How the business identity verification gets done?



Once the business profile is set up, a verification request will be sent to abarlink.



Due to the type of the demand, required documents will be requested from abarlink or its business partner.



The provided information and documents from the user will be checked by abarlink or survey companies.



If the stated information was confirmed, the requested business identity certification will be sent to the user.


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