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    GLOBALLY BITUMEN is oxidised asphalt manufacturer and multi face company based on Iran. We are structured into focused on oxidization of Bitumen division to serve the different needs of our customers worldwide. We are providing Blown Asphalt (Oxidized Asphalt_Blown Bitumen_Oxidized Bitumen_oxidised bitumen)in various grades including Oxidized BITUMEN 115/15 blown asphalt 95/25 oxidized asphalt 85/40 , bitumen 90/15 oxidised bitumen 90/40 bitume 85/25 bitum 75/25 pure petroleum bitumen 150/5 Hard asphalt or Hard bitumen and any other all grades of Oxidized Bitumen according to order. Throughout the world, more than 8 types of bitumen that is produced depend on the type of weather conditions one of them is Oxidized Bitumen. sales3 at globallybitumen dot com
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